Richard, Oliver,

Thanks for your clarifications. My calculations seem to work now.



On 2021-09-22 09:56, Richard Larsson wrote:
The 2.5 way of absorption lookup table calculations is being redesigned.  For now you need to manually define the agendas as you do. Add lines will be removed, at some point, from the xsec code.  The reason it's deprecated is that in normal calculations you should be putting the line calculations into the propagation matrix agenda. Lookup calculations are special here since they just do partial calculations.


On Wed, Sep 22, 2021, 08:30 Patrick Eriksson < <>> wrote:

    Hi again,

    Seems that I have found the reason to some of the failing tests "the
    hard way". After spending time on some other failing calculations, I
    have figured out that the default in ARTS gives absorption
    that miss all lines. For example, TestOdinSMR_1D uses

    Copy(abs_xsec_agenda, abs_xsec_agenda__noCIA)

    This agenda is defined as

    AgendaSet( abs_xsec_agenda__noCIA ){

    No inclusion of lines! Another Odin/SMR test uses

    AgendaSet( abs_xsec_agenda ) {

    and this works. Both tests generates abs tables.

    I get a message that abs_xsec_per_speciesAddLines is deprecated. But
    removed from the defaults for abs_xsec_agenda before the alternative is
    in place?

    Anyhow, how shall abs_xsec_agenda be defined to get correct abs tables
    in v2.5?



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    Subject: Failing tests
    Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2021 17:55:33 +0200
    From: Patrick Eriksson <
    To: ARTS Development List <

    Hi all,

    I have spent some time on trying to figure out how the changes in my
    branch could have created some failing tests. But just run make
    check-all with master and the same tests failed also there, so there
    seem to be older issues.

    The failed tests listed below. These issues under control? Noticed that
    some tests demand an accuracy of 2nK! The deviation was 2.5 mK, which
    can be OK. On the other hand, there were also tests failing with
    deviations of 30-100 K.



    The following tests FAILED:
              42 - arts.ctlfile.slow.artscomponents.clearsky.TestBatch
              43 -
    python.arts.ctlfile.slow.artscomponents.clearsky.TestBatch (Failed)
             152 - arts.ctlfile.slow.instruments.odinsmr.TestOdinSMR_1D
             153 -
    python.arts.ctlfile.slow.instruments.odinsmr.TestOdinSMR_1D (Failed)
             156 - arts.ctlfile.slow.instruments.hirs.TestHIRS_fast (Failed)
             157 -
    python.arts.ctlfile.slow.instruments.hirs.TestHIRS_fast (Failed)
             158 - arts.ctlfile.slow.instruments.metmm.TestMetMM (Failed)
             159 - python.arts.ctlfile.slow.instruments.metmm.TestMetMM
             180 -
             181 -

             184 - arts.ctlfile.xmldata.artscomponents.cia.TestRTwithCIA
             185 -
    python.arts.ctlfile.xmldata.artscomponents.cia.TestRTwithCIA (Failed)
             232 - arts.pyarts.pytest (Failed)

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