Hi ARTS devs,

One of the recent-(ish) commits to ARTS has broken my simulations! With the 
current head of master I get big differences in simulated brightness 
temperature around a water vapour absorption line when I do simulations that 
also include ozone (blue line in attached plots), compared to simulations 
without (orange line). This didn't use to be the case, at least back at commit 
3b6565f. Both water vapour and ozone in these simulations are calculated using 
absorption line catalogues rather than "complete" models - if I use a complete 
model for water vapour the problem goes away.

Before I spend a bit of time putting together a simple test case and/or trying 
to identify which commits caused the change, does anyone know already what the 
cause might be, and what I need to do to fix it (e.g. changes to controlfiles)?



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