Hi Yuriy,

> On 19 Sep 2019, at 00:36, Goncharenko,Yuriy <yuriy.gonchare...@colostate.edu> 
> wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
>   it looks like the module path is set wrong. Basically, the source directory 
> is set
> as /home/yuriy/  instead of /home/yuriy/arts/

Great that it works now.

> I believe it happened because I use 
> cmake .. 
> (as it was suggested at the ARTS website) instead of
> cmake /home/yuriy/arts/
> (as it was suggested in CMakeLists.txt)

There must be something else going on because running 'cmake ..' after cd'ing 
into the 'build' directory worked on every configuration we have encountered in 
testing so far.

One more question concerning your setup (so I can reproduce it for testing): 
Are you using Ubuntu as a standalone Virtual Machine (vmware, virtualbox) or 
did you install the Ubuntu App from the Microsoft Store?

Thanks for pointing out this issue.


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