Dear Pengwang,

You should be able to read a Hitran file in 2.4 that you could read in
2.3.  Now, it sounds like you have downloaded a new version of the Hitran
catalog.  Arts 2.4 does not directly support Hitran2020, neither did 2.3 to
be clear.  For water, I still think this should still be Ok but I am not

If you want to give it a try, the 'modern' way of dealing with Hitran data
in Arts is to download it with the additional tags in the Hitran download
interface.  On the tab currently called '4. Select or Create Output
Format'*, you can create a new output format.  To create a new format that
works well with Arts, this format should contain at the top the ".par line"
tag, as the second option it should contain the " qns' " tag, and as a last
option it should have the " qns'' " tag.  The field separator and line
endings should be the default ([tab] ; (CR LF)).  If you manage to download
data like this from Hitran, you can give the hitran_type="Online" option in
ReadHITRAN.  This should give decent results.

Again, remember that Arts 2.4 is from before Hitran2020 was released.  It
is possible this will not work in 2.4.  What I describe above works for the
development version of Arts (v.2.5).

With hope,

* From, Data Access -> Line-By-Line -> select H2O and go forward
-> go forward (or deselect some isotopologues first) -> go forward (or
select some Kayser range first) -> You are now on the right tab to specify
output format

Den tors 3 feb. 2022 kl 16:06 skrev Pengwang Zhai <>:

> Hello, ARTS Community,
> I used arts 2.3 to generate gas absorption coefficient lookup table for
> o2, co2, etc. One key function was: "abs_linesReadFromHitran”. Now I need
> to revisit the calculation with HITRAN2020. I thought I would use arts 2.4,
> a newer version. After successfully compiling arts2.4, and run the same
> .arts file I used before (a modification of TestAbs.arts), arts tells me
> that “abs_linesReadFromHitran” is not available any more. I went over the
> documentation, and found “READHITRAN”. I tried the following:
> ReadHITRAN( abs_lines,
>        “./h2o_61fbd3ce.par",
>         1.3e+14,
>         1.0e+15 )
> arts reports:
> "Run-time error in method: ReadHITRAN
> Error parsing quantum number Sym”.
> Is there any way we can read in HITRAN par file and create a lookup table?
> Do you suggest me going back to arts 2.3?
> Thanks for your advice,
> Pengwang
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> Associate Professor, Physics Department, UMBC
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