On Sat, 27 Jan 2007, Felix Obenhuber wrote:

> i'm wondering, if there's a wiki out there with uses asciidoc markup? Using
> several markups for writing docs, wikis etc. isn't really what i want....one 
> type
> should be enough... do you know anything?

I think what is needed is to allow the asciidoc-library to be used as a 
backend to python-based wiki's. For that there should be a usable 
interface for asciidoc. (eg. a loadable asciidoc module maybe)

I haven't looked at the code yet if it is possible. But if it isn't I 
don't think it would be a lot of work to do it.

> I imagine something like a textfile (asciidoc) based wiki. Files are kept in 
> git,
> so i can use vim (with adopted vimki) to write asciidoc textfiles and commit
> those. Modifying a suited wiki solution to show htmls generated from the 
> asciidoc
> files and perform a commit on pressing the save button  after editing over web
> frontend.

We want this for our work as well. An asciidoc-frontend and indexing 
system for storage of text-files. The backend is a versioning system 
(subversion in our case).

> I see the folowing advantages:
>  * easy export in lots of format, thanks to asciidoc
>  * fast and reliable storage through git
>  * collaborative writing by syncing git repositories
>  * comfortable browsing by wiki web frontend
>  * store non text blobs in git - list them in some way for access (don't know
>    about the best way.

Right, nothing to add here :)

> Maybe a python based wiki is most suited for an direct asciidoc
> integration...
> What do you think about? Have a akin "homebrew" solution? Tell me.

I'm willing to commit time to this as well. I'm very interested in using 
Django combined with this. Keep me in sync, whatever you plan to do :)

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