On 29 Jan 07 - 15:15, Pavel Jurus wrote:
> Hello,
> I use asciidoc in wiki-like fashion. I wanted something simple as a personal 
> wiki - I don't need neither collaborative features of wiki nor revision 
> control ( I use subversion for that ). After trying several wiki engines and 
> web frameworks I ended up with a simple webpy application similar to 
> http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2006/01/06/a-simple-wiki-with-webpy/ . 
> Instead of markdown in that example I use asciidoc and it works very well so 
> far. 

I did something similar today. Used Pythons BaseHTTPServer to serve html pages
generated by asciidoc. Generation is done over a two line Makefile

%.html: %.txt
        a2x -f xhtml $?

whitch behaves like a simple cache :-).

The rest of the hack is quite similar to your solution. Commits to git are done
on each save action. Commit messages are shas of the page. The last commit diff
is displayed on top of each page by simply printing some git (status|log)
output. Think thats already all I need but times will figure out.

IMHO it should be no problem to extend existing wiki solutions to understand
asciidoc. moinmoin seems to be quite suited, cause of their parser interface. So
rendering won't be done over asciidoc...

Looking at the storage system of moinmoin pointed out, that integration of some
file based revision control won't be rather simple, cause a separate file for
each revision is created. check http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/MoinDev/Storage
for details. Maybe some other file backend solutions like dokuwiki might fit in

Currently I'm deeply stucked in some exams, so I'll return to this matter in 



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