On 03 Feb 07 - 01:50, Thomas Berker wrote:
> ("Know your editor"), but I am just no vim-person. Is there anybody out
> there who knows about an editor which helps me to write asciidoc
> documents? My problem is remembering the markup since I write in
> asciidoc only once in a while.

I've seen a two pages short reference - thinks it was shipped with 7.x but
don't remember exactly...

>There are so many editors out there, so
> what I am searching for should not be so difficult to find: An editor
> which allows the assignment of asciidoc markup while having - how
> should I put this - a flatter learning curve than emacs or vi(m).

What do you mean when with "assignment of asciidoc markup"? Syntax highlighting?
Some buttons to press in order to insert asciidoc macros?
Think about why you use asciidoc. What action should be shorter than typing
one or two chars to achieve the desired result? ([[]],'blah'....)

> Or has someone written a set of macros or an "asciidoc-mode" for some
> existing editor (besides emacs and vim)?

Beside you don't want to use vi, I think the asciidoc syntax file I've started
some times ago fits in here. [1] [2]. Maybe someone can take a look at and 
send me corrections...



[1] git://obenhuber.de/pub/git/adocvim.git
[2] http://www.obenhuber.de/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=adocvim.git;a=summary 

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