Dag Wieers wrote:
> On Sun, 4 Feb 2007, Stuart Rackham wrote:
>> Stuart Rackham wrote:
>>> Nice work guys!
>>> I tried it out on the ./doc/asciidoc.txt file which pretty well makes
>>> use of all AsciiDoc syntax. Worked well up to:
>>>          acute accents to the right\'' are rendered in quotation marks.
>>> At which point all text following the two single quotes was blue (hit
>>> ^L to refesh and fix).
>>> - Is there any reason for adoc instead of asciidoc? Personally I
>>>    prefer asciidoc rather than creating another name. I'd also prefer
>>>    to stick with the existing .txt extension for AsciiDoc source files.
>>>    Surely there are ways to have Vim automagically detect file types
>>>    other than just file extensions?
>> The Vim filetypes mechanism should work here, or just put:
>> // vim: set syntax=adoc:
>> As the last line in your source file.
> Right, but I would prefer to not have to do that. There is a way to 
> autodetect the file, but it may not be so easy. Especially the 2 line 
> title syntax seems to be hard to do correct (since the length of the line 
> needs to be the exact size).
> We could even make eg. python code blocks use the python syntax files etc.
> Is ^// a proper way of commenting as well ? The syntax file needs to 
> reflect it as well than so I added it to my document.

Yes lines starting with two forward slashes are treated as comments and 
are ignored (it's implemented as a block macro that outputs nothing). 
The other way of commenting is to use a delimited comment block where 
delimiter lines are 4 or more forward slashes.

> What would be the easiest way to work on the same file ? Can we put this 
> in a versioning system where a few people can work on it concurrently 
> until it is close to something we would release ?

Just put the .vim syntax file on you website with a list of todo's and 
solicit patches from interested users.

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Cheers, Stuart

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