Thomas Berker wrote:
> Hi!
> Felix Obenhuber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I've seen a two pages short reference - thinks it was shipped with
>> 7.x but don't remember exactly...
> Yes, a nice cheat sheet would be a good start. Right now I use a little
> asciidoc text based on the examples that come with asciidoc. Maybe I'll
> write one my own.

AsciiDoc comes with a rudimentary cheat sheet, try running:

   asciidoc -h syntax

You can customize help by adding to or modifying the system wide
/etc/help.conf file or your user ~/.asciidoc/help.conf file.

>> macros? Think about why you use asciidoc. What action should be
>> shorter than typing one or two chars to achieve the desired result?
>> ([[]],'blah'....)
> Typing the chars is fast if you remember them, and the most common
> markup _is_ easy to remember. But for markup which I use less often, I
> flip back and forth from the (excellent) documentation and the little
> reference file to my text, which is not so fast. I am lazy and asciidoc
> allows me to write docbook with minimal effort. And I was just wondering
> whether this effort could be minimized even further ;-)
>  Thomas
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