Hi Erich,

Am Sonntag, 25. Februar 2007 12:45 schrieb Erich Hoffmann:
> When publishing a document with a2x to xhtml, I get a toc on top with
> the title "Table of Contents".  Where can I change that, e.g. to
> "Inhaltsverzeichnis" (or get rid of the whole line)?  Or rename
> "Chapter" to "Abschnitt"?

I don't know if there is a better way, but I usually execute the 
following commands to produce german versions of my ascidoc articles:

# I just lazily use a2x to copy icons and stylesheets
# and produce the docbook file 8-)
a2x --copy --icons -d article -f xhtml ${DOCFILE_DE}

# Then I replace article lang ="en" with article lang="de" in 
# the docbook file:
sed -i -e 's/article lang="en"/article lang="de"/' ${DOCFILE_DE}.xml

# after that, I process docbook to xhtml; this produces a 
# german version now:
xsltproc --nonet ${XHTML_XSL} ${DOCFILE_DE}.xml > 

I am sure, there are more elegant solutions, but I didn't dug deeper in 
it yet.

> [...]
> I get the toc, but no numberings.  Looked in the configuration files, 
> manpages, changed the a2x script, am a bit helpless.  That must be
> something obvious that I am overlooking.

I am afraid, I have no solution for this problem! Anyone?


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