> The Asciidoctor implementation therefore requires that the closing and 
> opening delimiters be the same length.

Yeah I saw that. That would be nice. I need to convert miscellanous files 
(mostly program source but also plain text documentation, hence my problem) 
but using a very long delimiter would cover most cases if not all. I may be 
wrong but I found at least '----' is a valid line in a Haskell program (a 

> It would be good if someone made a patch that made that an option on 
> Asciidoc Python as well.

Sure ! I've searched for such an option ;) I'll try to have a look at the 
source code… 

Thx for your answers. I'll test the Unicode hack. The only drawback I see 
is that this invisible character would be copied in case of copy/paste. 
Well, it may not be a problem…

Have a nice day.

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