In asciidoc 8.6.9, there's an interaction I don't understand between double 
quoted text and unquoted text delimited with hashes.

If I have input

``escaped'' span ``escaped''

then I get output as expected:

“escaped” span “escaped”

But if I have input

``escaped'' #span# ``escaped''

then something about the first quote gets confused, and I get output

&8220;escaped” #span “escaped”

(simplified from the original problem where I had a role attribute on the 
hash-text, which makes no difference in terms of the problem).

I know this is done differently in asciidoctor, which hopefully we can move 
to someday, but that's out of my control. Is there some way to escape or or 
attribute-substitute or anything else I can do to get the desired effect in 
asciidoc? I'm not sure if this is an actual expected outcome of the way the 
parser works, or some sort of bug - asciidoctor in compat-mode does the 
right thing, supporting it being an asciidoc bug.


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