Here's what I see in the Jenkins log:

;;; Loading "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf/test/file1.lisp"
;;; Warning: Computing just-done stamp in plan NIL for action (PREPARE-SOURCE-OP
"file2"), but dependency (LOAD-SOURCE-OP
"file1") wasn't done yet!
;;; Loading "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf/test/file2.lisp"
;;; Loading "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf/build/fasls/mkcl-"
;;; Compiling /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf/test/file3.lisp.
;;; Finished compiling /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf/test/file3.lisp.
;;; Loading "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf/build/fasls/mkcl-"
;;; Compiling /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf/test/file4.lisp.
;;; Finished compiling /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf/test/file4.lisp.
;;; Loading "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf/build/fasls/mkcl-" ;;; Loading "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf/build/fasls/mkcl-" ;;; Loading "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf/build/fasls/mkcl-" ;;; Loading "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/asdf/build/fasls/mkcl-"
TEST ABORTED: These two expressions fail comparison with EQUAL:
 TEST-PACKAGE::*FILE4* evaluates to T
 NIL evaluates to NIL

IIUC from what Fare said earlier, this would indicate that there's a bug in ASDF behavior on MKCL here, because file4.fas should not be loaded twice.

TBH, I have no idea why this happened for me in Jenkins, but not when I tested myself.

Note the warning -- this is a warning message I'm coming to really hate:

1. it has data that looks almost like a type error. If `NIL` is OK for the `PLAN`, then we should have a conditional in the warning format string that just prunes the plan out of the warning message if it's `NIL`. If `NIL` is *not* ok, then we need to explain that it isn't, and there should probably be a different and earlier warning.

2. It assumes that the user will understand what a `just-done stamp` is, and how it fits into a plan. This really asks too much.

3. It doesn't tell the user what's really wrong. And, I suspect in this case it's sort of ASDF's fault, and it's sort of the fault of the system -- the system has a bad name (it is a sub-system without a "slashy name"), and somehow when we have that, we get these warnings. If that's the case, then we should give the user the information about the root cause and suppress these warnings, which are just noise.


On 19 Feb 2018, at 19:07, Jean-Claude Beaudoin wrote:

If you let me know what Jenkins happens to be then I may be able to give a
look at the problem.
I have been planning an update to the latest ASDF for my upcoming (RSN)
release of MKCL 1.1.11,
so I may as well squeeze that question in.



On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 6:56 PM, Robert Goldman <> wrote:

The failure isn't replicable to me, which bothers me some. I suspect it means that it's having side-effects in the file system that aren't entirely cleaned up. I'm eyeballing the test and it *does* affect the filesystem,
and it does not remove the files (really symlinks) it creates. So ...
potentially there could be insufficiently controlled side-effects that gave me a transient failure? I don't know. I suppose it's also possible that it does something with the filesystem that Jenkins isn't allowed to do, and that's why I got the Jenkins-only failure. But that explanation doesn't
explain why I get failure only with Jenkins *and* MKCL.

On 19 Feb 2018, at 16:43, Faré wrote:

test-multiple works for me with asdf, mkcl
on Linux 4.14 x64.

This is all long gone from my mental cache. The test could be better
commented, but I suppose the purpose can be extracted by looking at
its history then looking at related commits, bugs, bug fix commits,
mailing-list messages, etc. A starting point:
git log --stat test/test-multiple.*

Apparently, it tests support for what is now considered misnamed
secondary systems, but was once a kind-of-supported feature, seen in
the wild, with nasty consequences sometimes (e.g. infinite loop with
quicklisp until relevant fix).

A variable not being rebound is a test that a file hasn't been reloaded.

I'd rather not add comments, but I'll review them gladly.

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On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 5:21 PM, Robert Goldman wrote:

Faré ---

Would you please add some comments to test-multiple? I got a failure on that with MKCL under jenkins on linux, but cannot replicate that failure
running it myself.

There's no comment saying what this is supposed to test, other than the name, which suggests that it's about testing where there are ... multiple systems defined (incorrectly) in one .asd file? the same systems defined in
multiple .asd files?

The test checks to make sure (I believe) that a variable is not rebound
we ask to reload a system, but not how this pertains to correct ASDF


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