> ;;; Warning: Computing just-done stamp in plan NIL for action
> "test-multiple-too"
>                                                                "file2"), but
> dependency (LOAD-SOURCE-OP
> "test-multiple-too"
> "file1") wasn't done yet!
> Note the warning -- this is a warning message I'm coming to really hate:
> it has data that looks almost like a type error. If NIL is OK for the PLAN,
> then we should have a conditional in the warning format string that just
> prunes the plan out of the warning message if it's NIL. If NIL is not ok,
> then we need to explain that it isn't, and there should probably be a
> different and earlier warning.
Indeed, the warning message should use ~@[in plan ~A~].

> It assumes that the user will understand what a just-done stamp is, and how
> it fits into a plan. This really asks too much.
This is indeed a very bad error message for users to see.
Admittedly, it's usually a symptom of a bug in the build system (or an
extension thereof), so users ideally never see them.

> It doesn't tell the user what's really wrong. And, I suspect in this case
> it's sort of ASDF's fault, and it's sort of the fault of the system -- the
> system has a bad name (it is a sub-system without a "slashy name"), and
> somehow when we have that, we get these warnings. If that's the case, then
> we should give the user the information about the root cause and suppress
> these warnings, which are just noise.
I don't know what the root cause is here, but this looks like the same
bug that is supposed to be fixed, and the fix works for me. Does
Jenkins use some fancy filesystem setup that confuses the timestamp

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