As has been discussed here over the years,  
asdf:*compile-file-failure-behaviour* is :warn on most platforms, but it is 
notoriously :error on #+sbcl. So what would you do if you wanted to change 
asdf:*compile-file-failure-behaviour* to be :warn on #+SBCL? How would you 
recommend to change it. Where?  

I don't want to really have to impose an init file on everyone.  Also, I don't 
really want to necessarily make this global across every use of ASDF, but let's 
say I just want it to apply to one main system and all subsystems loaded as 
part of this.

I cannot think of anything better than a top-level setq in the .asd file of the 
system, something like this?

(setq asdf:*compile-file-failure-behaviour* :warn)

What else can one do that's any better?

Maybe there's a less crude way, like something like an around method that wraps 
around the compile/load.  I'm really just barely a novice user, so I'm sorry 
this if this is such a naive question.  If there's a simple example one could 
provide or point me to that does this, I'd appreciate it.



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