On 2018-02-01, at 23:56:19, Jim Mulder wrote:
>  ... simplistic environments 
> where all of your problems can be recreated with an unoptimized compiles while
> running under an interactive debug tool.  We certainly do not have that 
> luxury in the operating system. 
BTDT.  Ouch!  The debug option should not conceal any flaws manifest
under optimizatization.

> ...  PL/X is compiled into assembler source code.
> ...  My limited dealings with  the 
> pseudo-assembler listings generated by the IBM C compiler suggest  that 
> the IBM C compiler really sucks in that regard, at least compared to PL/X.
The Pascal compiler I was working on generated pseudo-assembler listings.
I worked to make them valid assembler, if only to confirm the validity
of the generation.  Never quite completed the chore.

Likewise, the "cc" command has the option of generating pseudo-JCL.  But
that's a cop-out.  It ought to be verifiable by actually running the job.

-- gil

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