Numeric labels are okay for write-only code. They are very bad in code that has 
to be maintained.

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Am 14.02.2018 um 17:34 schrieb Seymour J Metz:
> You're thinking of Pascal. In Algol 60 labels could certaainly be integers, 
> but didn't have to be. Instead of designing Pascal to make GOTO less 
> necessary, Wirth just made it more dangerous  )-:
I don't understand your comment. Labels in Pascal a integer constant,
followed by a colon, which have to be coded in front of a statement.
Furthermore, there must be a declaration for them (e.g. label 10;).
There is no danger in using them, apart from the general problem
that labels have ("goto considered harmful").

In 2011, I added break, continue and return statements to my version
of the Stanford Pascal compiler, and this allowed me to remove most of
the labels - and gotos - which were in the compiler source code (which
is in Pascal, too);
because most labels were used to do exactly such things (like break,
or return).

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