Many years ago I was crying in my beer at GUIDE about the sorry state of
ASMH and John said "I think IBM management would go along if you can
demonstrate some interest"
The GUIDE "Assembler Indignation" project was born.  Nobody believed that
there was interest in a new assembler except the two of us.    The thing I
most remember about that time was saying "Hold on while I get us a bigger
room"  350 people showed up for the announcement of the High Level
The High Level Assembler saved the company I worked for a lot of time and
improved code quality.
Later when the binder was new John helped explain my assembler programs
demonstrating binder bugs to the folks that only spoke PL/S.
SPASM <> was
another of John's assemblers, before he worked for IBM.
In all his helpfulness and good humor will be missed.

John Melcher, Jr.

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