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I need a 2 way intercom for separate kitchens to communicate without 
having to walk back and forth.

The speaker has to be loud but clear, not distorted.  Sometimes the 
kitchens can be noisy.

It needs to be easy to use.

It needs to be easy to clean.

It would be nice if it used POE.

Eventually I would like the kitchens to be able to dial different parts 
of the restaurant when I get the whole place switched to VOIP, but for 
now I need something only in the two kitchens.

I like the idea of a regular phone with a kick'n speakerphone, but I'm 
open to alternatives.  I say 'regular phone' with unease, but I mean 
something with a normal dialpad, extra buttons for different functions, 
handset and speakerphone.

I've been considering cisco and polycom.  Specifically I've been 
thinking about the Cisco 7940g or something like it.  Also I've been 
considering the Cisco 7920 in a holster w/ wired headset.

I'm welcome to any recommendations.

thank you,

Polycom 501's are pretty good and relatively inexpensive.

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