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>> It is already a relative PITA to get BIOS updates - that being said,
>> when you are able to get them, there are plenty and Polycom is pretty
>> good about updating BIOS for "discontinued" phones.
> It has been my experience that it is easier to get Polycom firmware
> updates (just download off their web site) than just about anybody
> <cough>cisco sucks<cough>  else.
> Polycom even has PDFs on how to set up TFTP, FTP, or HTTP servers and
> guides on configuring their gear to work with Asterisk.
> In a "restaurant" environment, I'd be looking for some sort of faceplate
> overlay to make cleanup easier.

Okay great, Polycom it is then.

The 501, does it have a good speakerphone?
Something loud and clear, no distortion?
Something that would be good with quite a bit of background noise.
Do I need to lift the handset to hear the speakerphone better?  From 
pictures online it looks like the speaker is under the handset which 
doesn't look very intuitive.

I'm hoping the cooks only have to hit one button and be able to reach 
the other kitchen, no fumbling with the handset.  I guess I can remove 
the handset.

Faceplates.. interesting, a quick search on 'polycom 501 faceplate' or 
'polycom 501 stainless steel faceplate' in google doesn't come back very 
enthusiastic.  Is there such a thing?

Thank you so far for the feedback.  It's made me feel more confident and 


In my experience, the 501 has very good speakerphone quality.  It has 4
programmable buttons so the cooks can hit one button and connect.  We have
one mounted on the wall in our computer room.  Yes, the speaker is under the
handset, but you could take the handset off and tape down the switch if
needed.  You could also cover the phone in "glad wrap" (except the speaker
of course).

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