On 01/03/2011 07:53 PM, cjwstudios wrote:
The 501 and 320 are EOL.  I'd go for the IP335 and a 2626-PWR, since the
2626 can support vlans you can isolate data and voice.  Make sure to
spec a UPS on the PoE switch.

Awesome. Thanks for the input. For some reason or another I figured EOL wasn't such a bad thing as I could pick up the phones for cheap on ebay or something; but maybe this isn't the best of plans.

The IP335 is on average about $10 more than the 501 or 320 new anyway.

I thought that the 2610-24/12-PWR had the ability for VLAN as well? Not that it matters, it looks like I can get the 2626-PWR for under $600, and that fills out POE to all the ports.

Is it possible that I can run one cable to the phone, then run a cable from the phone to a computer or another device and have those the phone and computer or other device be on separate networks?
I'm sorry if this sounds newbish; I'm still learning.


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