I mailed the list regarding an intercom system some months ago and we came to the conclusion that I should purchase a Polycom 501 phone.

I'm now considering the purchase for this year, and I'm now wondering between the Polycom 501 and the 320 for the intercom.

I don't need the spare ethernet on the phone because I would like to have my voice network separate from my regular LAN.

Which one would be easier to use, the 501 or the 320? I want PoE, were these both made before PoE was standardized and do I need a special cable? Can I make this cable myself?

In the future we plan to have 7 phones in the house. I'm considering what kind of PoE switch I should purchase.

I have 3 PoE access points (for two separate LANs).

I've been considering th HP ProCurve 2610-24/12PWR Switch (J9086A) ( )

It's got 12 PoE ports, it's managed, and it looks like I can pick one up for under $500.

Any help is appreciated.


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