On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 10:49 PM, Amit Patkar <a...@avhan.com> wrote:
> It means, AMI application is no more running or crashed or lost network
> connection with asterisk server.
> In such cases call is neither answered nor disconnected by Asterisk. I want
> to detect such state and jump to next dial plan to answer or reject the
> calls

No, there is no automatic coordination mechanism between AsyncAGI and
AMI. In fact, AsyncAGI doesn't know *which* AMI session is even
managing the channels - it just waits for the appropriate AMI action
to come across and signal something to the channels.

Your external application would have to manage this process. A simple
solution would be to use an AMI library that supports automatic
reconnects. On a reconnect, ask Asterisk for the current channels; if
any exist, handle their recovery either by determining their
application state or by releasing them back to the dialplan.

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