Please, note that (I suspect) is the internal  LAN address Of
the Polycom hardphone. If this is true, then you have  NAT issues.

The REGISTER message are received by your PBX, but when respond, Asterisk
send the next SIP message to the IP informed by the phone, that is the
internal LAN address. The messages do not reach back to the hardphone.

You need to setup a STUN server in the Polycom hardphone settings. Please,
check the manual. Search in Google some public  STUN server to put in the

Last, the idea behind the "sip set debug" command was view the complete SIP
messages conversation, not search for an error.

On NAT escenarios, remember:

* The NATed phones need to know the public  IP of the NATing router. Either
by manual setting  or  by STUN protocol.

* Reduce the time between REGISTERs attempt, if the client  have a dynamic
IP connection.

* Use the "localnet" SIP settings in Asterisk, so the PBX can distingish
what Network need contacted via NAT and what not.

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