On 5/23/23 19:22, Steve Matzura wrote:
voipms: Call (UDP: to extension 's' rejected because extension not found in context 'voipms-inbound


Could we see your dialplan for voipms-inbound?

I'm using voip.ms as well, but have not converted from chan_sip yet.  My voip-ms inbound extensions.conf below (Phone number changed to protect the innocent)


include => voicemail

exten => 5175551212,1,Answer()
   same => n,Gosub(check_blacklist,s,1)
   same => n,Gosub(get_callerid,s,1)
   same => n,Gosub(check_for_direct,s,1)
   same => n,Set(_ARG1=4259)
   same => n,Gosub(extension_timeouts,s,1(${ARG1}))
   same => n,Queue(home,WwtTkKr,,,23)
   same => n,NoOP(Dial Status: ${QUEUESTATUS})
   same => n,NoOP(Hangup Cause: ${HANGUPCAUSE})
   same => n,Gosub(s-${QUEUESTATUS},s,1(${ARG1}))


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