Thanks, Daryl. I fixed this before I saw this message by changing my connectivity from SIP to IVR/IAX on's Manage DID Numbers page. I'll keep this one in my notes, though, should I ever do this again with SIP.

On 5/26/2023 7:42 PM, Daryl Richards wrote:
On 2023-05-23 7:22 p.m., Steve Matzura wrote:
And I think they're both small.

[May 23 18:34:12] NOTICE[46582]: res_pjsip_session.c:3968 new_invite: voipms: Call (UDP: to extension 's' rejected because extension not found in context 'voipms-inbound'.


In your console, go to Account Settings -> Inbound Settings, and set Device Type to "IP PBX Server..." instead of "ATA device..."

This will fix the 's' instead of the number.

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