This slightly off topic for this list, but I think it might be of  
interest to the AstLinux readers.

This "Doorbell Asterisk Project" uses about $20 of electronics  
components from Radio Shack to ring phones, send email, pager, etc  
via asterisk.  If using a soldering iron and a multi-meter are not  
your thing, stop reading any further.

This project has applications in both the home and office, ex.  
logging when your home doorbell is pressed while you are away, or  
ringing an office manager's phone when the rear loading dock doorbell  
is pressed.

A unique ringtone is useful in this situation, ex. the SPA-942 allows  
for a user defined "DoorBell" ringtone to be downloaded.


Circuit starts with a traditional doorbell chime installation, but  
when the doorbell is pressed, instead of ringing a local chime/bell,  
a local phone FXS port is taken Off-Hook for about 5 seconds.  When  
properly configured, this Off-Hook signal can ring phones, send  
email, pager, etc. via asterisk.

A SIP ATA is used to automatically dial a local extension, using a  
hotline feature in its dial plan.

All previously installed doorbell chimes were disconnected, and the  
input of this circuit is placed in parallel with the previous chimes 
(s).  The circuit should also operate with a chime left in parallel,  
in such case resister R1 is probably not needed, but this  
configuration has not been tested, and can vary on the type of chime.

Parts list and Description:

Circuit Diagram:

Project Photo in 4" x 4" x 2" electrical junction box:



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