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> On 21 March 2015 at 21:31,  <jh...@gmx.com> wrote:
> > is there anyway you could process these files for me?. I would be willing 
> > to send you the files and go through some back and forth of feedback and 
> > whatnot. The issue is I just don't think I have the time or the expertise 
> > to devote to this. However I investigated exchanging  the laptop to get a  
> > Linux compatible one, but its going to cost me money for the restocking 
> > fee. On top of that the next user of this laptop will be disgruntled when 
> > they find a non working copy of Linux on it. I investigated getting the 
> > restore cd but Lenovo's charging $70 for the media. So if you could help I 
> > would really appreciate it because this is the last thing that I need to 
> > get working but I really need it.
> >
> > and we could also get this chipset supported. I saw I wasn't the only one 
> > looking for Linux support for this driver.
> Thanks for willing to help. However I finally got my hands on the
> Killer 1525 card. I tried playing with it but I couldn't get ath10k to
> work with it yet.
> There's some firmware crash issue that needs investigating. Kalle's
> doing his best to sort this out internally.
> Hopefully we'll get this working soon and we'll let everyone know on
> the mailing list. I can understand your situation very well. I know it
> sucks.

Thanks however in my investigation, this was not the same as the "Killer" card.

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