+1 - someone else made a comment about OPML which really hit the spot; if you try to make a format do all things, it does most of them badly...

On Feb 3, 2005, at 6:37 PM, Tim Bray wrote:

On reflection, I am growing very negative on almost all of the "Organization" Paces, including FeedRecursive, PaceEntriesElement, PaceCollection. Here's why: they represent to increase the level of abstraction in Atom, and in my experience, when the goal is interoperability across the network, abstraction hurts. I would like it if the markup found in Atom documents was as close as possible to a typical human mental model. The word "feed" has entered the vocabulary, even the non-geek vocabulary, and the notion that there are "things" (entries, stories, items, whatever) in "feeds" likewise.

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