Eric Scheid wrote:
On 1/4/06 12:24 PM, "James Holderness" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
one way would be to use <img /> instead of <a /> links, with each test image being specific to the test ... that way all one needs to do is read the feed
and check to see if the text in the image corresponds to the text in the
entry headline. Especially easy if the tests were numbered.

My thoughts exactly. You can see an example in one of my base tests here:

That test is a lot more complicated than need be for a conformance tests since it's more informative than simply testing pass/failure, but it demonstrates the concept.

And the bit about numbering is also something I forgot to mention previously. Many aggregators will reorder the results of a feed in ways that might not be expected. By clearly numbering every test you can avoid any confusion when it comes to matching the results from the feed back to the wiki page.


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