jfbu <j...@free.fr> writes:

> after the system upgrade I removed my local /bin etc... from PATH and started 
> using the system-wide Emacs as it was already the 24.5 one; I did not however 
> test AUCTeX 11.89.3/4 in this new configuration as I immediately upgraded to 
> 11.89.5)
> Jean-Francois

excuse me Sir,  what does whereis return?

e. g. ,
whereis emacs-25. 0. 50
/usr/local/bin/emacs-25.0.50 /usr/local/bin/emacs-25.0.95

whereis emacs-24.5

whereis emacs?
it should point to /usr/local/bin and /usr/share/

then again my system-wide is compiled. . .

take care

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