Maybe the wrong forum for anything "Low budget", but reality dictates
that I try to get the best bang for as few bucks as possible, so here

I have a touch, playing into a Cambridge Azur 640 multi-purpose
decoder/amp (multimedia + music), which I just discovered can't handle
anything over 96KHz PCM.

I like listening to classical vocal (opera, Lieder, etc) and have
identified that a nasty hard-edge to some voices may be at least
partially attributable to low-def digital sources, so am trying to
upgrade both source material and equipment to handle higher def.

As I'm on a very tight budget, I decided to go for a SMSL 'Sanskrit

I'm also running out of power sockets and am running more equipment than
I'd like (including my touch) from original wall warts, so decided at
the same time, to invest in a 'cheap, dual linear power supply'

A polite request at this point not to be too rude that I didn't spend
the extra 1000$ on something that will sound better. I didn't and I

However, as I'm aware that I didn't buy the best and as I' also aware
that power supply is likely to be a major source of degradation, I'd
like also to implement a CHEAP alternative to the
iFi Audio DC iPurifier Audiophile DC Power Filter'

as close as possible to the power inputs to both the touch and the DAC.

I see a number of cheap choke+caps filters available, similar to

Amperage may be a limitation on some of these. As you know, the Touch
draws 5V at about 2.5 A, while the DAC needs 9V at 2.5W (0.28A) - if I'
m to believe the web page.

What would be my best bet to filter as well as possible, without
spending much money?


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