drmatt wrote: 
> If you are using an offboard DAC I would not bother upgrading the Touch
> PSU at all, it won't make the slightest difference. Generally, if you
> don't like the way it sounds at the moment your best bet would be to
> a)make sure everything is working properly and then b) get some
> different speakers.
> And I would definitely get clean digital sources of at least
> uncompressed CD quality. The jury is very much out on whether there is
> any real benefit to going beyond that...


Audiophile mythology is that if are a real audiophile,  you can sort
power supplies by ear.

Power for USB devices has become some kind of a new religion. 

Reality is not so much. 

If your system sounds harsh,  there is always speaker positioning
(toe-in, room location), speaker adjustments (If there are any), system
equalization, and room acoustics.

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