MadScientist wrote: 
> Well, for those who wish to try it, there should be available material
> shortly.    I remain open minded about the format but if it encourges
> better audio mastering practices that has to be a bonus.   

I remain skeptical that the *entire* Warner catalogue has been
converted. That's gotta be ALOT of material and that would be amazing if
they could convert it all within months like this! More likely is 'Dr.
AIX's comments about conversion of the 3500'
( "hi-res" material. Unless
specified, none of this suggests special care in encoding. Just
reconversion of previously available material but in a smaller partially
lossy container because they don't want us to actually have the 24/96 or
24/192 data which inevitably they'll use to sell us another version down
the road. (No, I don't think this is cynical, it's likely the truth
based on comments from the Industry.)

Anyways, I couldn't help but put up another blog post on MQA after RMAF
'MUSINGS: Keeping it simple... MQA is a partially lossy CODEC.'

As consumers, I believe we have the power to "suggest" what we want or
need. Not this spoon feeding of questionable "technology" as if it's yet
another "revolution". Ultimately, we have the power to vote with the
credit card of course.

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