Archimago wrote: 
> I remain skeptical that the *entire* Warner catalogue has been
> converted. That's gotta be ALOT of material and that would be amazing if
> they could convert it all within months like this! More likely is 'Dr.
> AIX's comments about conversion of the 3500'
> ( "hi-res" material. Unless
> specified, none of this suggests special care in encoding. Just
> reconversion of previously available material but in a smaller partially
> lossy container because they don't want us to actually have the 24/96 or
> 24/192 data which inevitably they'll use to sell us another version down
> the road. (No, I don't think this is cynical, it's likely the truth
> based on comments from the Industry.)...

Yes, their crown jules they don't want to give away. 
Universal Media group including labels like Deutsche Grammophon already
only sell you watermarked crap when you buy a download. Soon MQA
protects their High Bitrate music going out at full resolution even
being of less bit resolution as standard CD when not decoded.
I am one more time fascinated of the energy the music business puts in
fooling the paying customer!

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