Daverz wrote: 
> I used an AT33PTG for years and loved it.  Your post inspired me to
> install an AT150MLX MM cart I've had lying around for years (I didn't
> like it with my old phono pre).  Without threaded holes it was a bitch
> to install, but it sounds great.  Those who can't do MCs and want a
> replaceable stylus should check it out.

The AT150MLX is discontinued. It has a boron cantilever and that is a
good sign for SQ (not an expert here but that seems to be consistent
during my research). The specs look great too. I'm sure it will sound
great as well. AT has a lot of great carts who are discontinued. Shame
A replaceable stylus is not always a "plus". For example: the stylus
replacement of the 2M Black cost almost as much as the complete cart.
Many MC cart manufactures have a replacement program for their carts for
worn / broken styluses. In such cases, having a replaceable stylus is
not always a pro. 

The Shure drove me away from MM but I guess this is a false feeling. I
heard the 2M Black and that one is in a complete different league than
the M97xE too. Of coarse it costs about 5 times more than the Shure...
In all honesty, the Shure offers good value for the money but there are
certainly better carts to be found in that price range. 
The OC9 is more expensive than the Sure but it offers way better sound

During my quest I found that Nagaoka is also a brand to take a look at.
Their MP-150 gets excellent reviews and I was temped by an MP-200 but
couldn't find it on demo.
Both are MM carts as well.

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