ralphpnj wrote: 
> Why not compare the sound of an LP played using the Benz to the sound of
> flac files (both standard resolution and high resolution - if available)
> of the same recording streamed via your Touch. The flac files should be
> sourced from either a CD rip or a digital download, in other words not
> from a vinyl rip.
> That is really the true comparison because if the analog LP doesn't
> sound better than digital streaming what's the point of spending money
> on a cartridge.

Sure but that is not an equal competition. CD has the advantage; it is
the better format. And when done right should sound better no matter
what cart one uses. 
I'm just amazed how good that cart plays. It is very close to CD

Playing vinyl once and a while is more than just the SQ alone. Mnyb
described it correctly: it's also about the ritual. 
The Benz cart adds a dimension to the experience since it makes my
records sound a whole lot better that the Sure does. (oeps, now I start
to sound like an audiophile...)

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