Pascal Hibon wrote: 
> Last week I was at a friend’s house and while I was there he played a
> few vinyl records. While we were chatting, I mentioned that would love
> to compare an MC cart to my current MM cart, which is a Shure M97xE. I
> like the Shure but my only complaint is that it lacks a bit of
> resolution in the high frequency range. Apart from that I always
> wondered about the differences between MM and MC carts in general. Do
> they sound really that much different / better? 
> My friend had an MC cart which he wasn’t using anymore and he lent it to
> me for comparison. This is a Benz Ace high output cart so it would work
> with my MM phono pre-amp. 
> Boy oh boy, what a difference! The Ace is brighter than the Shure and
> the high frequencies sound very nice and clean. Okay I know the Shure
> costs about 100 Euro while the Benz costs about 1000 Euro. That is about
> 900 Euro difference; the difference in sound between the two is not 900
> Euro (I kept telling myself). But Since then I’ve listening to a lot of
> my vinyl records again. I’m getting more and more comfortable with the
> heavy price tag of the Benz. I don’t know if that is a good thing…
> It is still a lot of money to slam on a turntable and in the end it is
> just a cartridge. I’m wondering if anyone here is having or had the same
> experience on the topic? If I would get an MC cart and a cheaper one
> than the Ace would I still love the sound so much? One thing is for
> sure, the Shure won’t cut it anymore…
> Love to hear your experiences.

No you won't want to hear my opinions, if you are at all a normal

What  I get from the OP is a pile of audiophile nervosa wrapped up in a
post that follows the plot of jillions of other audiophile tall tales
I've heard over the decades.

(1) Friend spends the big bucks on a new toy.

(2) Sighted evalation  of new toywith no reliable standard for sound
quality on the premesis. 

(3) Audiophile falls in love with expensive new toy belonging to

(4) Audiophile ascribes all sorts of wonderful sonic things for
expensive new toy.  

I'll bet money that there was not even any formal level matching in the

So, is it the new toy or the classic expeirement in sociology?

The outcome was/is absolutely predictable. 

The solution ito this problem is as always technical tests and good
listening evaluations, both of which are geneally ignored by audiophiles
because of their apparent connections with logic and reason.

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