Hi J. R. Okajima,

> If you can, please provide me
- sample usage of user-namespace
- sample case where user-namespace and aufs is beneficial

Attached is a sample code that creates a user namespace and maps the 
un-privileged user to root within the namespace.
The user namespace can be used for sandboxing. Having aufs support within the 
user namespace can help create a chroot environment where multiple directories 
are united into a single filesystem.

> The change is apparently small, but the patch is better because it will
record your name in the git history.

Can you please give me write access to the git repository? I wasnt able to push 
my changes to the repository. 
Also, do you want me to make changes to the aufs3-standalone repository or 
aufs3-linux or both? And in aufs3-linux, which branch?

> Just out of curiosity, do you know any recent activity on Unionfs?

I am not aware of activities on Unionfs. Are you referring to anything specific?


Attachment: userNS.c
Description: userNS.c

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