Bhushan Jain:
> Attached is a sample code that creates a user namespace and maps the un-pri=
> vileged user to root within the namespace.=0A=
> The user namespace can be used for sandboxing. Having aufs support within t=
> he user namespace can help create a chroot environment where multiple direc=
> tories are united into a single filesystem.=0A=

Thanks for the sample code.
Personally, user-ns is not attractive for me, at the same time I don't
have strong objection. So I will merge your patch.

> Can you please give me write access to the git repository? I wasnt able to =
> push my changes to the repository. =0A=

Post your patch by git-send-email(1).
Since you have your local repository, the write access to the public
repo is unnecessary. Receiving the patch, I will apply it by git-am(1)
on my local repo, and git-push(1) it on the next Monday.

The target repository and branch should be what you have tested. I guess
it will be aufs3.8 since you wrote the user-ns feature was added linux-3.8.
But does linux-3.8 supports user-ns well and enough? Isn't it better to
make aufs3.9 as a base version?

J. R. Okajima

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