I am only just starting with aufs, and my context is using it to overlay eight disks to form a kind-of RAID.

I find three symptoms:

1. If I do a 'find' command on the aufs-mounted directory (e.g. 'find /mnt/merge/data -print') it starts fine.  If I do Ctrl-C to terminate, it doesn't.  I cannot kill the find command even with kill -9 as root

2. If I have used the mounted directory, then the server will not shut down completely.  The console has warnings like 'INFO: task umount.aufs:3746 blocked for more than 120 seconds.'

3. If I do a df -h then the reported free space and available space is for the first branch added, and not for the overall disk.

My system is a near-pristine Debian stretch, AMD64.  The disks are 1.0TB SATA, and seem to be OK (no errors other than non-serious ones in smartctl), though they are ageing.

Kernel is 4.9.0-6-amd64, as per Debian repos.  aufs-tools is 1:4.1+20161219-1, which I understand to be based on aufs v4.1, c. 2016-12-19.

Things I've tried:

* unmounting before shutting down: this then shuts down cleanly (but doesn't solve the 'find' problem

* mounting only a single branch: this still causes 'find' to be unkillable and shutdowns to be incomplete

Can anyone offer suggestions of what to try next?


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