Hello Tony,

Tony Lewis:
> I find three symptoms:
> 1. If I do a 'find' command on the aufs-mounted directory (e.g. 'find 
> /mnt/merge/data -print') it starts fine. If I do Ctrl-C to terminate, 
> it doesn't. I cannot kill the find command even with kill -9 as root
> 2. If I have used the mounted directory, then the server will not shut 
> down completely. The console has warnings like 'INFO: task 
> umount.aufs:3746 blocked for more than 120 seconds.'
> 3. If I do a df -h then the reported free space and available space is 
> for the first branch added, and not for the overall disk.

These symptoms remind me the know problems.

- report
  and its thread
- fix
  5e439ff 2016-01-05 aufs: for 4.3, XINO handles EINTR from the dying process

- repot
  and their thread
- fix
  f2474d8 2018-02-08 aufs: for v4.10, XINO(read) handles EINTR from the dying 

I'd suggest you to try the latest version of aufs, or ask your
distribution maintainer to upgrade aufs module.

J. R. Okajima

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