Tony Lewis:
> Thanks. If you notify the mailing list when it's available, I'll give
> it a go. I have a slight preference for staying on the stable repo.

If you can, could you try testing the previous fix on your system?

$ cd /your/aufs4-standalone.git
$ git checkout origin/aufs4.9
$ git cherry-pick -x f2474d8
- build aufs

Actually when I fixed the problem by
        f2474d8 2018-02-08 aufs: for v4.10, XINO(read) handles EINTR from the 
dying process
I could not reproduce the problem and not confirm the fix by myself.
The test was done the original reporter Eddie Horng.

This time it is hard for me to reproduce the problem again.
Locally I've made and completed the tests for new aufs4.9.9+ branch
which is linux-v4.9.9 + current aufs4.9 + f2474d8. It passed all of my
usual tests, but my test doesn't have the case for your problem.

If you can, I'd ask you to test.

Note that there may still exist another backport issue.

J. R. Okajima

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