Spot on Mike. 

I looked into  buying this ship a few years ago, but alas, the  fuselage did
not fit, (or is it  that, I did not fit the fuselage?)


Rego is GGF.


Ib called her "The White Lady" I wonder if Colin knows that?


As Colin is a member of this forum, I wonder if he has any comment?


Further: I really detest the concept of  a name being given to an inanimate
object. In my opinion a glider is just a machine, designed to do a job.
However given that, it is absolutely essential, that if you want to get the
best out of your stead (????), then you have to be ultimately familiar with
every nuance of your ship (????),  ......... err piece of machinery.


At one time the GCV had a fleet of IS 28 B2 gliders, apparently all
identical, and built concurrently. However, if you flew each of these ships
regularly enough, you did not need to look at the placard, to know which
ship you were flying, EVERY ONE of what should be identical aircraft was


Sue Martin, who was an early Australian female champion, understood this.
She was selected to fly for Australia in a one off type (Pirat),
championship in Poland, with gliders supplied by the host nation.: 30 (or
so), lady pilots, thirty "identical" gliders. Sue arrived at the contest
site early. Her first move was to seek out the mechanic who looked after
these 30 gliders; "which one?" she asked. The maintenance engineer instantly
understood her question, and without the slightest hesitation, selected the
best glider of what was available, for her use.


So it goes.












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Ib is at Caloundra. He owned a Ventus c A fuselage 17.6 like mine. It was
sold a few years ago to Colin Collum at Benalla. As of last Easter he still
owned it as I saw him flying it.


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Hello All,

Just wondering whether anyone has contact details for Ib Braes? 

Alternatively, if he's sold the Ventus cM he used to own - then the e-mail
contact of the new owner? Could that now be Graham Brown (VH-VCM)?

Any thoughts?

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