Goran was more than just a competitor at the 1974 Worlds. He placed second to the winner of open class, American George Moffat. I was a member of the Horsham Gliding Club, and our club hosted the entire Swedish Gliding team. I crewed for Goran personally, and provided his crew car. Not needed at all as I recall for a retrieve, but the Swedish team insisted that the crew car follow the pilot around the entire course, give or take a bit for cutting corners. Many friendships developed from our club's close association with the Swedish team and at least one member enjoyed two trips to Sweden, to enjoy the hospitality of friendships developed in Waikerie 1974. So sad to hear of Groan's passing this way. However it is a regrettable fact that a few competitors at the 1974 Worlds left us due to gliding accidents. Three come to mind. Helmut Reichmann, winner standard class, Alf Schubert, Open class, and Klaus Holighaus, also open class.

Memories, memories.!

Bob Ward

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Not sure if this has been posted before....

News came through from Sweden a couple of days back via Ake Pettersson
and Peter Goodale, that two times World Champion Goran Ax was fatally
injured in a traffic acident.  Goran was a competitor in the World Comps
at Waikerie in 1974 flying a Nimbus 2 - the supership of that era.

Here is the text of Ake's email:

It is with great sorrow that we are told, our legend Göran Ax, our most prominent gliding pilot, on Saturday February 24, deceased in a traffic accident outside Landskrona, South Sweden.

Goran was aged 74 and was reportedly still active in the sport:

He has been honoured with a page in Wikipedia in Swedish (Google
Translate could be your friend)

Another sad loss to the sport ....

Terry Neumann

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