On Tue, 2008-04-29 at 11:32 +0800, Texler, Michael wrote:
> All this discussion about landing in water begs the question (somewhat tongue 
> firmly planted in cheek):
> Has there ever been a float glider developed?
On page 200 of "THE WORLD'S SAILPLANES" published by OSTIV First Edition
June 1958 is the description of the Yugoslavian sailplane "Jadran"
described as a single seat amphibian sailplane.

15m Span, 195 kg empty, MAUW 280 kg, Vne 200 km/h, Max Aerotow 150 km/h,
min. sink 0.75 m/s @ 60 km/h, max L/D 25 @ 75 km/h.


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