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I'm not surprised at all auDA struggle to enforce the policies they
already have at times, with people using canceled ABN numbers to
register au domains to setup fake websites to scam Au consumers. Also
you destroyed the .au space when you allowed the commercialization of
the space and people now just sit on .com.au domains for years.

I could not agree more, I and my business partner had a business that was de-registered in 2006 I think, the domain name for that business was absorbed into an ISP as part of its infrastructure and then onsold to iiNet when that business was sold.

That domain is still registered and renewed by iiNet and you can bet they don't have a registered business name to continue to be eligible for that as the domain didn't belong to the company they acquired.

I've never pursued it, the business is done and has been for over a decade, best of luck to them but it does highlight the lax enforcement of the .com.au charter.

As for new TLDs some of them make sense such as .hosting for website
hosting companies as an example, but ones like .wtf  are just silly.
As for .au its just going to be another extension to add to the
hundreds we have already got.

I block most of the new TLD's like .trade, .info, .win etc because no aaabsolutey no leglitimate email comes from them, it's turned into a wasteland of spam and scams :(

We don't really need it, as we already have .id.au for personal
domains and if we are going to continue down this path, we might as
well dispose of the organisation and just open up the entire .au

Hear hear, its either run to rule or just let the .au ccTLD go the way the international TLD space went (and I hope to the great googly mooglies they don't)

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