Enclosed are the minutes from the Monday meeting

Minutes of the 13th January 2020 Teleconference     Austin-996 Page 1 of 1
Submitted by Andrew Josey, The Open Group. 15th January 2020

    Don Cragun, IEEE PASC OR
    Joerg Schilling, FOKUS Fraunhofer
    Mark Ziegast, SHware Systems Dev.
    Nick Stoughton, USENIX, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22 OR
    Eric Blake, Red Hat, Open Group OR
    Andrew Josey, The Open Group
    Geoff Clare, The Open Group

* General news 

Andrew noted that we are someway behind schedule according to the plan and that 
would need 
to be revised when we release draft 1.

* Outstanding actions

(Please note that this section has been flushed to shorten the minutes -
to locate the previous set of outstanding actions, look to the minutes
from 13th June 2019 and earlier)

Bug 1254: "asynchronous list" description uses "command" instead of "AND-OR 
list" OPEN
Action: Joerg to investigate how his shell behaves.

Bug 700 - Nick to raise this issue with the C committee
Bug 713 - Nick to raise with the C committee.
Bug 739 - Nick to raise with the C committee.
Bug 1216 - Eric to ask if The Open Group is willing to sponsor this interface, 
referencing bug note 4478.

* Current Business

Bug 1307: am_pm value in locales that do not distinguish between am and pm 
(again) OPEN

We discussed this bug at length and will continue on the next meeting.

Next Steps 

Apologies in advance:

The next calls are on:

January 16 2019 (Thursday)
This call will be for 90 minutes.

January 20 2020 (Monday)
This call will be for 60 minutes.

Calls are anchored on US time. (8am Pacific) 

Please check the calendar invites for dial in details.

An etherpad is usually up for the meeting, with a URL using the date format as 
username=posix password=2115756#

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