On Sat, 29 Nov 2008, Jim Meyering wrote:

I have been following lzma-utils development closely for some time,
and my impression is that xz obviates lzip.  I would not want to
encourage use of lzip without a convincing argument to the contrary.

As soon as there's a beta xz release (i.e., stable format),
I'll be switching from .lzma to .xz suffixes for all tarballs I create.

Competition is good and even between open source projects. However, since many free projects depend on Automake, it makes sense for Automake to channel the energy into a smaller set of preferred formats. Note that formats may be independent from the tools which produce and consume them so that tools may still compete. If new formats are added, the least worthy of the existing supported distribution formats should be deprecated and eventually removed. This means that if .xz is added that .lzma should be immediately deprecated and slated for retirement from Automake. Do you agree with this philosophy?

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