I concurr.

In the case of the software I work on (code-saturne.org), we have in addition 
chosen not to version generated files, so as to be more consistent with a 
"maintainer mode" logic. Meaning that depending on the machine we install on, 
we can get a different behavior, as we cannot control which autotools version 
is installed. This had never been an issue in the last 15 years, a long as we 
updated our code when new autotools versions threw warning messages. So it was 
a bit of a surprise when I was bitten by this on a recent (Arch) Linux system. 
This definitely breaks quite a bit of packaging, along with  our documentation.

Best regards,

  Yvan Fournier


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Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 18:56:47 +0200
From: Víctor López <victor.lo...@bsc.es>
To: automake@gnu.org
Subject: automake 1.16.4 and new PYTHON_PREFIX
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After reading the 1.16.4 patch notes regarding PYTHON_PREFIX and the discussion 
that originated the change in https://bugs.gnu.org/35322, I'm still not sure if 
this is expected:

 > cat configure.ac
AC_INIT([foo], [1.0])

 > cat Makefile.am
python_PYTHON = foo.py

 > touch foo.py

 > autoreconf -fi

 > ./configure --prefix=/tmp/foo && make install
/usr/bin/install: cannot create regular file
'/usr/lib/python3.9/site-packages/foo.py': Permission denied

Sure, I can use the new flag --with-python_prefix=/tmp/foo, but I feel that 
these changes may have broken a lot of installation scripts and outdate the 
documentation of some packages. Is it intended to be this way?



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